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Annie Simmons, a fanatic local club football fan since 1966 was the first person in the UK to book a pre-paid football club endorsed funeral plan.

"Two years ago a close friend of mine died and left her children with the bill. I kicked around the idea of getting a pre-paid funeral plan, because my children have families and I don’t want to burden them."

The GLENTORAN Funeral Plan

Your Life, Your Team, Your Legacy

Although nobody wants to think about it, planning your funeral in advance is a thoughtful and considerate way of sparing your family the emotional and financial burden of dealing with your funeral arrangements after you have passed away. It also allows someone to plan the day in a way they would have wanted to be remembered.

For thousands of people their passion is Glentoran Football Club. Win, lose or draw, you remain stoically loyal and you are fans for life. That’s why a football-themed funeral plan has been developed specifically for our fans.

Plan Features

When the time comes, your Glentoran Funeral Plan from David Crymble and Sons will provide a funeral which will celebrate your life as a Glentoran fan and will include the following:

  • Coffin in Glentoran colours and Club Crest or traditional quality veneered coffin with home shirt and name printed on the back

  • Green and Red floral football bouquet with condolence card from Glentoran football club.

  • Free hire of the function  room for the wake (catering not included)

  • Ashes to be scattered around the Oval.

  • Announcement to be made at a Glentoran home game and printed in the match day programme

  • In addition, the Glentoran Funeral Plan will provide all the usual funeral director services that are required to conduct the funeral (full details are provided in the brochure)

  • Each plan will donate £200 towards the building program for your new stadium.

Request A Brochure

For further information about the Glentoran Funeral Plan, please complete the enquiry form to receive a brochure.

028 9066 7784

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