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Arrangements for the Funeral

We will guide you through every step of arranging the funeral for your loved one.

Below are some areas you may want to think about before meeting with us:

  1. Is it going to be a burial or cremation

  2. Do you want a wake in the house, or to use the funeral home

  3. Where will the service be

  4. What type of coffin

  5. Is your loved one to be dressed in their own clothes or clothes provided by us

  6. Do your loved rest at home or in the church before the date of the funeral service

  7. How do you want to announce your loved ones passing

  8. Do you want flowers

  9. Do you require a limousine (Holds 6 people)

What one family may consider the ideal funeral service may not necessarily be to another family. For this reason, we treat each family we serve as unique and will advise you on the many options available to you in making the funeral service personal.


Our Role
We will liase on your behalf with the cemeteries, crematorium, newspapers, clergy, florists and advise you about the registration of the death.
We can also asiist with:

  • Arranging for the production of Order of Service

  • Arrangement of Donations in Lieu of flowers.

  • Arranging for the dispersal or interment of the ashes.

  • Repatriation both to and from abroad.

  • Arranging pre-paid funeral plans.

  • Arranging for a new memorial or the refurbishment of an existing one.

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