“Most of us, as we get older, expect to provide money to meet our funeral expenses. We’re not morbid. It’s to do with independence and responsibility. We want to leave everything in order for our relatives and friends. We don’t often talk about it – because there’s no need to – but the fact is that funerals cost money, and we want to take care of the cost.”



Our pre-paid funeral plans enable you to choose what kind of funeral you’d like instead of your family and friends having to guess. By paying now you can spare your relatives a financial burden at the time of your death. You can choose a set plan or we can create a bespoke plan to suit your individual priorities. You pay today’s price, regardless of when the funeral may be needed and can opt to do so through a one-off payment or through regular instalments. If you move away you can transfer or surrender your plan. There’s flexibility to amend the plan if you change your mind later.



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Funeral Plans Explained

For most people, taking out a funeral plan means taking responsibility for the inevitable costs of their own funeral. Funeral Plans allow holders to pay for a funeral at today's prices that may not take place for decades without ever having to pay more for a funeral director's services. 

How this works is that money taken for a funeral plan, once fully paid, is invested into a separate trust fund. This trust fund is independent of any one funeral director or administrator and represents security should any party cease trading. Because trust funds such as these are substantial through the investment of several thousand funeral plan payments, the funds are invested and gain a sizeable return on investment through some of the UK’s top wealth management companies. This return on investment is added to the amount paid in for the plan initially so the value of each plan continues to rise without the holder having to add money to it. 

If an individual were to invest the cost of a funeral plan, e.g. £3,500, in a savings account, the interest returned would be far less and would almost certainly not keep up with the rising costs of funerals, which have soared by more than 90 per cent since 2004. However by taking out a funeral plan with a trusted funeral plan provider, regulated by the Funeral Planning Authorities, this £3,500 is pooled together with millions of pounds from other plan holders to provide the opportunity to gain a much greater return on investment and keep up with the rising costs of funerals. What this essentially means is that a funeral, which may cost £3,500 today but £7,000 in five years, is covered no matter how much funeral costs rise.